How To Choose Your Destination Wedding Photographer




Wedding planning is challenging. There is probably not a single bride or groom on the planet who would say that planning their wedding was a total breeze and something they would love to do repeatedly. This is due to the fact that there are so many different aspects that require specific attention that for many people, it almost gets overwhelming.


You need to do your research before choosing any wedding suppliers, but if you're comfortable with a professional's skills, you will be able to relax and find delight in the process. This is where I step in!


I am a destination wedding photographer, so I have tonnes of experience with couples' destination wedding planning and with destination weddings in general.


Here is how to choose your destination wedding photographer, because you definitely should choose the one that is right for you!

Who is a Destination Wedding Photographer?






The difference between a wedding photographer and a destination wedding photographer is that destination wedding photographers will travel to any location where you wish to exchange vows. If not, they often serve their clients at least within the continent on which they reside. Other wedding photographers tend to focus on their immediate surroundings.

7 Ways To Help You Choose Your Destination Wedding Photographer


  • Set a Realistic Budget 

  • Choose a Photographer With Experience in Shooting Beach Weddings

  • Check Out Their Portfolio to See if They Suit Your Style

  • Create a “Must Have” and a “Must Have Not” Photo list

  • Go Local

  • Ability to Work in Your Location

  • A Photographer Who Gets There Early!

Set a Realistic Budget

Budgeting at least 12% of your total spending on photography and videography is a good general rule of thumb. Your photos will do a better job than any writer's words at expressing the feelings you and your loved ones had on your wedding day.


If you're on a limited budget and the destination wedding photographer you really want is out of your price range, look for other places to save money, like getting your wedding dress in the sale or ruling out another supplier that is not necessarily essential.

Choose a Destination Wedding Photographer With Experience in Shooting Beach Weddings



Some photographers only have experience capturing traditional weddings. In your case, you should seek out someone who is knowledgeable about a beach wedding's unique lighting, wind, and sunset settings.


As an experienced destination wedding photographer, I have knowledge and experience in shooting in bright sun, sandy beaches and big landscaped backdrops. I have done it all!

Check Out Their Portfolio to See if They Suit Your Style

You should check a destination wedding photographer's ability to execute your particular style in addition to their experience. There are various photographic styles. 


No matter how beautiful their photographs are, it's important to get what you want. Start by looking over their website or social media pages.


Take a look at how the destination wedding photographer approaches each phase of a beach wedding, from getting ready to the celebration.

Create a “Must Have” and a “Must Have Not” Photo list

It's crucial to be in regular communication with your destination wedding photographer. Your day will seem like only an instant, and you only have one chance, so tell them what you want.


Make a list of the images you absolutely must have for your photographer so that you won't have any regrets afterwards.

Go Local

Even though your big day is going to be a destination wedding, you can decide to book someone local rather than paying someone to travel in. You could be able to save some money by doing this, but you also run the chance of having some doubts about their skills.


Even though you could be in awe of a destination wedding photographer's Instagram or website portfolio, nothing compares to the satisfaction of meeting your destination wedding photographer in person.


Or, choose a destination wedding photographer like me, who includes the travel fee’s within the package deal.

Ability to Work in Your Location


Can this photographer legally work where you are going? Can they obtain a passport in time for your wedding or do they already have one? Confirm that they can go to and carry out their tasks at your destination.

A Photographer Who Gets There Early!

I often book my own flights to arrive a few days before the wedding. That gives me time to look around the venue in advance and check out the best spots to get some great shots on your wedding day.


There’s also the chance that if you are having a party the night before I can attend and capture some fun moments for you. Everyone can meet me and get to know me a little ahead of the big day.

Now it is Time to Choose!

I love to get to know everyone involved in the wedding, so I'm there as more of a friend than a hired destination wedding photographer. That way I'm able to capture your wedding day perfectly. 


Now you know how to choose your destination wedding photographer, your next step is to start looking at galleries and enquiring. You can enquire about my destination wedding photography here.

Whether you’re having your destination wedding in Greece, Paris or beyond, I’d love to join your adventure!

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