How to Style Your Cornwall Elopement Wedding

If you’re planning an elopement wedding, you may be wondering how to create a beautiful and memorable day that reflects your personal style and love story. 


If you’re considering eloping in Cornwall, you've already chosen a stunning location for your special day. With its beautiful coastline, sandy beaches and picturesque countryside, Cornwall is the perfect location for a romantic and unique elopement wedding.


Now that you’ve chosen the location, you may be thinking about how to style your Cornwall elopement wedding to make it everything you’ve dreamed of. In this blog, I’ll be giving you tips and inspiration to help you create a memorable and stylish elopement!

Ideas for a Stylish Cornwall Elopement

  • Choose Your Style

  • Consider the Venue

  • Select Your Decorations and Florals

  • Choose Your Elopement Wedding Attire

  • Don’t Forget the Photos

Choose Your Style

There are so many different, stylish vibes you can go for in your Cornwall elopement wedding! Coming up with style first will help you plan all the other details and find the perfect vendors to bring your vision to life.

Your style could be modern, vintage, boho, elegant, indie, rustic and more! If you want some inspiration, go to Pinterest and create your dream elopement wedding vision board!

Consider the Venue

The venue is an important part of your elopement wedding as it sets the tone for the entire event.


I recommend looking at the location, surroundings, and overall decor because that can influence the theme and colour scheme of your elopement! For example, an elegant home would be perfect for a classic, sophisticated theme, while a rustic barn might inspire a more bohemian and rustic theme.


The location and surroundings of the venue can inspire additional decor elements, such as a nautical twist for a seaside venue or floral decor for a garden venue.


Overall, it’s important to choose a venue that complements the style you’d like to have for your Cornwall elopement wedding!

Select Your Decorations and Florals

Decorations and floral arrangements are excellent styling elements because they can transform any venue into a personalised and intimate space. 

Decorations can include everything from table settings and linens to lighting and custom signs. They help to set the mood and create the perfect atmosphere for your Cornwall elopement wedding!


Similarly, your floral arrangements can help tie everything together and add that extra touch of beauty! Florals can be incorporated into your bouquet, a flower pinned to your husband’s suit, any centrepieces or your elopement arch, the options are endless!


Your choice of decorations and florals can truly enhance the styling of your elopement wedding and add the perfect finishing touches to your special day!

Choose Your Elopement Wedding Attire

Another important aspect of styling your Cornwall elopement wedding is your attire! It helps set the tone for the event and impacts how you look and feel on your special day.


Your attire should reflect your personal style and the chosen theme of your elopement! For example, a bohemian-inspired elopement might feature a flowy dress and a relaxed linen suit, while a modern wedding elopement might feature a sleek dress with clean lines and a tailored suit.


The attire you choose will help you create a cohesive and memorable look and feel for your Cornwall elopement day!

Don’t Forget the Photos

When you’ve put so much time and attention into styling your wedding elopement in Cornwall, you definitely should get the perfect photographer to capture all the details of your special day!


Your elopement photographer will not only document your day but will also help you elevate the style and aesthetic of your elopement. 


As a professional wedding & elopement photographer, I offer guidance on poses, lighting and locations to make sure that your photos are both beautiful and reflect your style and vision! 


If you are still searching for your Cornwall elopement photographer, I’d be happy to hear from you! You can contact me here!

Ready for Your Stylish Cornwall Elopement Wedding?

Styling your Cornwall elopement wedding is all about creating a memorable and intimate experience that reflects your personal style and love story!


From choosing the perfect venue and decor to selecting your attire and photographer, every detail counts in creating your unique and stylish elopement.


Remember to consider your personal style and preferences, as well as the natural beauty of Cornwall, when planning your elopement.


I hope that this blog has answered your question on how to style your Cornwall elopement wedding!

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