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Hi Guys 


As you may already know, my name is Jessica and I'm a wedding, lifestyle and family photographer based in Cornwall UK. I have been running my business for over 7 years now & I love it!


I started my business from nothing, and I'm so proud of how far I have come! I was never any good at school. I didn't particularly do well in classes, as I'm more of a practical learner. I'm a very creative person. My mum always said I could make something out of nothing. When I was younger, Id be quite happy playing with a large box and create it into (if I don't say myself) a pretty fantastic castle! 


I studied at Truro college for 3 years. I took a Diploma in Art & Design. It was an epic course. It combined, life drawing, textiles, art, sculpture & Photography. I also did a side course of Art History which I loved, and found so fascinating, but was a lot of paper work and had a very complex vocabulary.  


Ive managed to start a successful business with not many qualifications, but I have an enormous amount of passion for my job! Its really a dream come true. If any one is interested in knowing more about how I started up, I can write a blog post about how I started my business, with advice and guidelines to help others who want to do the same. Things to avoid, thing I wish I knew and help to build your followers. Leave me a comment below if you wish me to post some advice. 


want to know More about myself..

If you found this blog post interesting then leave me a comment below. I post on the blog every Tuesday, so keep your eyes peeled for more content..

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