Mentor Sessions

Here are some different options you car choose from..


 My mentor sessions are a chance for me to help photographers learn all the relevant knowledge I have  gained over the past 9-10 years of running my own successful business. 

These sessions are best suited for photographers who want to start pushing their photography business to the max. 

When I first started my photography business, I had no one to help me and I want to be able to help other photographers not have to struggle to find their way, their style and their clients etc. I want to be able to help motivate them to be the best version they can and show them the trick and tips to staying organised and present on your socials.  All of this is very relevant to running your photography business.

I'll be able to help with building relationships with clients, learning about marketing, your website,  Instagram, pricing yourself, booking clients, and loads more information I have learnt over the years.. 


1:1 Mentor Class

This session is a great base to start your photography business. I will give you the tools to create great content for your clients and in turn, you'll be able to gain real paying customers..


I will walk you though every step of the way and answer any questions you might have. Im an open book! 


Bring your camera, as you'll be shooting! You will be able to use the images you have taken on the course on your socials and  for your advertising. 


Whats included:

• 1.5 hour 1:1 shooting with a model clients at a beautiful location around Cornwall.

• Tricks and tips to get the best result for you future clients.

• 1.5 hours coffee meeting(Coffee included) 

• Headshots of yourself (taken by me) to start your success plan 

• Branding & website review

• How to attract & book your ideal client

• Defining your unique style

• How I shoot & approach a wedding day

• How to implement effective Workflow & Systems

• How to utilise Social Media for free marketing

• Whats in my bag - camera gear & how I use it

• How to build a portfolio

• The  power of video marketing

• Pricing



Online course coming soon!

Instagram For Photographers

Online course coming soon!