Why Professional Head Shots Are Important For Your Business?


The answer is .. YES!


Hands up who created a website for their business, spending hours over the content and layout, only to not upload an images of themselves, or struggle to choose one? 


It is commonplace for a small business owner not to make the investment into some professional photographs of themselves by the time they hit the launch button on their website.


I know how you feel! I was one of them – although I must say, I never thought about having photos taken of myself. Being a photographer, Im always the back of the camera, taking thousands of photos for my clients. I never imagined I would ever need to be on the other side! 


It only came to my attention a few weeks ago, but when I though about all the benefits of having professional images of myself and my camera, it didn't make sense not to have some taken! 


So I asked a friend of mine to take some photos, and she was happy to help. We went to Fistral beach, on a warm evening, and got snapping! 


Im not going to lie to you!! I was very nervous, but couldn't wait to get some professional images done. It took me a while of decided what to wear (being a girls hard haha) but I wanted to make sure they were perfect!  Watch below to see what we got up to...




Why Professional Headshots Are Important For Your Business
Why Professional Headshots Are Important For Your Business

They Give Your Business a Personal Touch


By having a professional portrait on your “about us” page, you can give your business a personal touch. Let’s face it. Most people want to see a photo of the person with whom they’re doing business, where your a photographer or a mechanic.


When you include a portrait on your website, your business becomes more personal, making it look more human.


This is crucial in my line of work as I am apart of many peoples personal moment and memories. Wether that be a part of their wedding, or taking photos at a birthday party. My clients need to see who they are hiring to know if they want to work with me! first impressions count massively! 

Makes Your Website Look More Professional


When your website has more consistent images, it looks more professional. Consider that having more than one headshot can be distracting, but when you use the same one for all your social media pages, it gives your clients the message that you’re a professional. When there are several different headshots, a business can appear disjointed, which can be a turnoff for potential customers.

Why Professional Headshots Are Important For Your Business
Why Professional Headshots Are Important For Your Business
Why Professional Headshots Are Important For Your Business
Why Professional Headshots Are Important For Your Business

Enhances Your Biography Page


Because your biography or “about” page usually gets the most web traffic, it’s critical that it includes headshots of all your professional staff. When people log on to a biography (bio) page, they want to connect a business with a face and not just read narrative about the person running the company. Furthermore, adding a headshot to a biography gives the page more professionalism, and it makes your business seem friendlier.


Useful for Market and Branding Collateral 


Branding is much more than just a catchy logo or tagline. It’s also an emotional tie that you make with your customers. In other words, your face is your company brand. Business owners use marketing collateral to talk about pertinent information, regarding their merchandise and services. Your headshot is a significant part of your marketing collateral.


Vertical vs. Horizontal Headshots


Before you book an appointment, tell your photographer your preference, regarding the orientation of your photo. A vertical headshot, which is a portrait orientation, is the style that is most used.

Horizontal headshots can also be a great choice. The advantage of a horizontal or landscape view is that it allows for more room on a page to fill it up with a background or the ability to crop in tighter for a more traditional look.

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